Thursday, September 26, 2013

Progress, Updates, and Goodies

The odd thing about maintaining a blog as an author is that I tend to think I should focus my writing on the production of actual stories rather than blog entries. However, in this day and age, maintaining a blog is part of the deal, and it's not like I hate blogging... but I prefer to wait until I have something to say.

With that being the case:

*Work has commenced on Rich Man's War, where Tanner Malone finds himself in exactly the kind of war that made him reluctant to enlist in the first place. In just the opening 2400 words, we have resolution to some unfinished business from Poor Man's Fight, the gathering clouds of a much larger conflict, stabbings, ass-whuppings and the triumphant return of Alicia Wong and Gunnery Sergeant Janeka. That prologue may change entirely before the book comes out--it's just the beginnings of a rough-draft phase--but it's good to work with familiar faces again.

*I am, as ever, extremely grateful for the reception that Natural Consequences has received, and I'm glad so many of my readers have enjoyed it. I am by no means done with Alex, Rachel or Lorelei!

*And now for the big news for today:  Good Intentions is now available in paperback! You can order it today via the CreateSpace estore (just click the link), and it should be available on Amazon sometime next week.

Paperback versions of both Natural Consequences and Poor Man's Fight are in the works!

As always, thank you for reading!


  1. im glad you blogged! And nothing wrong with blogging only when you got something to say. this is exciting. i have been waiting for a sequel to Poor Man's Fight. I found that book to be terrific. cant wait.

  2. Look at Howey if you want to see and example of what generous blogging does for the self published author. It might feel awkward but you'll love the increased money intake.

    I can't wait for your next books.

  3. Great news, congrats on your continued success...just as a curious aside...Have you read anything lately that you might recommend to others?...

  4. I see this as late birthday present, thanks for that, hehe.
    Anyhow, I have to wait for the Amazon publish, because if I were to order it from CreateSpace, I'd have it sometime in November...
    Until that point - hello e-book.
    Keep it up Mr. Kay, you rock :)

  5. I have it laying right beside me as of this day, and gotta say, I'm pleased.
    It's a bit higher and wider than I thought, but it looks awesome - and will continue to do once I've read it and put it in my shelf.
    I also took a peek inside, and the breaks and chapter titles look absolutely swell, as well. Awesome work, Mr. Kay :)
    Hope the money actually supports you a bit and doesn't just cover the expenses for printing this fine bit of literature :)

  6. I loved your book Poor Man's Fight, and have read it multiple times already. Can't wait for the sequel now. Do you have an estimate of when it would be published?