Thursday, April 25, 2013

Works In Progress

So as everyone has probably noticed, I haven't updated in a while.

The trouble with keeping a blog as a writer is that it feels like any time I spend writing on my blog would be better spent on... y'know... writing. But the blog is important. It keeps you current. It's outreach to readers. And stuff.

At any rate, I figured I should update and make it known that I am Working On Things.

Poor Man's Fight has done far better than I had ever hoped. I don't want to use this as a venue to brag or anything, but I do want to express my sincere gratitude once again. I am currently working up one final, make-it-as-perfect-as-I-can edit of the book in preparation for putting up a print-on-demand version. That will probably be available in a month or two, depending on how all that turns out. The print version will of necessity be more expensive than the ebook version. I have to price it to cover the print costs, of course. But if anyone out there is interested in having a physical copy, you are hereby notified that such an option is on the way.

Aside from that, I am working as diligently as I can on Natural Consequences. I never thought it would be so tough, but it turns out that when you write a sequel to something there is a real need to make sure it measures up to the original. There's also the simple fact that life has gotten in my way much more frequently and assertively on this project than it did when I wrote any of my previous stuff. I'm learning a lot about trying to manage my writing time.

I've also never, ever done so much revising on a project. I know I should just keep pushing through until the rough is finished, but my brain just hasn't been able to accept that this time around. I feel like the working title to this book should actually be "Conversations I Have Re-Written At Least Twelve Times."

As much as I hate to admit it, I may have been a bit too optimistic when I projected an early summer release. It may be more like "summer" than "early summer." Hopefully that doesn't disappoint anyone, but I think anyone would agree that a good product is better than a rushed product.

On that note of goodness, though: WOW did I find a great cover artist for this book! I spent some time at Emerald City ComiCon and a couple of other conventions looking for artists open to commissions, and I gotta say I have found someone of great talent. I feel like I shouldn't drop the name or any hints until I have something to show, but... well, I told him I wanted two covers--one for Natural Consequences and a new cover for Good Intentions so they'd have a consistent look. Within a week, he sent me "quick concept sketches." I gotta say, I've paid good money for published comic books that weren't as polished as his idea of a quick concept sketch.

Good Intentions and Natural Consequences just might have print-on-demand versions available before too long, too, if everything works out.

Sooner or later I'll have something more substantive to share. For now, I just wanted to say thank you again to all who have been interested in my writing and to let you know that more is on the way!