Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hooray for Modern Medicine and Supportive Girlfriends!

So I'm generally a pretty healthy person. I'm 38 and I need to work out more (just got a gym membership that I fully intend to use, for what that's worth.) I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I have been seriously anti-drugs since elementary school. I'd seen too much of what they do to people. Plus, I can't stand having woozy feelings in my head.

From about last Wednesday through Sunday, I've had bothersome but not distracting pain in my lower abdomen. On Monday, I opted to stay home from work for reasons totally unrelated to my health... and thank God I did, because by the end of the afternoon I was in serious pain.

My girlfriend drove me to an urgent care center around the block from our house, and the doctor there needed all of about five minutes to become absolutely sure she needed to send me to an emergency room. The whole waiting period in the ER just left me feeling more and more pain, but once I'd been admitted, everyone was awesome to me. They put me on a gurney with heated blankets and all that, did a CT scan and some blood work... and sure enough, I had appendicitis.

They removed my appendix yesterday morning. It's the only surgery I've ever had in my life (knock on wood), unless you want to count the removal of my wisdom teeth. I wasn't sure through much of the day following that operation if I'd be there another night or if I could go home, but once I conned them into letting me have some solid food I was largely back to my old self.

So today has been a day of nothing but Mass Effect 2. About the biggest accomplishments I've made today were showering & shaving. Hopefully I'll be back to writing in the morning.

Take care of yourselves, folks. And thank you for being here.  :)