Thursday, August 8, 2013

NATURAL CONSEQUENCES is now available!

It's out! Natural Consequences, the exciting sequel to Good Intentions, is now available on both Amazon and on Smashwords for non-Kindle formats.

Alex Carlisle has enough to deal with even on quiet days. Living with an angel and a succubus is no easy feat. One has divine responsibilities she can’t explain, and the other tempts him toward a decadent lifestyle he’s not sure he can manage. Add to that the stresses of college and trying to hold down a job, and it’s lucky Alex can even keep his head on straight.

Yet the complications keep on coming. An amorous (and terrifying) werewolf won’t take no for an answer. Vampires from across the country want to know what happened to their allies in Seattle. To top it all off, events in the city have drawn the attention of Federal agents who know far too much about the supernatural, and they have no patience for the chaos that Alex and his friends leave in their wake.

WARNING: Natural Consequences contains explicit sex, explicit violence, explicit expletives, violent misuse of office equipment, nudity, perfidy, disruption of public transit services, polyamory, theft, arson, open relationships, trespassing, heterosexual foreplay, lesbian sex, depictions of beings of a divine and demonic nature bearing little resemblance to established religious or mythological canon, cell phone hacking, contempt of court, flagrant violations of civil rights, dangerous use of alcoholic drinks, infidelity, public sex, bras, panties, murder, attempted murder, blasphemy, atheist rationalizations, cannibalism, prostitution, decapitations, gossiping, defenestration, exsanguinations, tax evasion, oral sex, multiple threesomes, sexual harassment, ancient Babylonian marriage customs, horse-poisoning, stalking, selfies, bribery, assault under color of authority, fantasy depictions of sorcery and witchcraft, highly sexualized Halloween costumes, assault and battery, stabbings, excessive handcuff play, mayhem, explosions, existential discussions, controversial topics of sci-fi fandom, living room sex, home invasions, mind control, conspiracy, cohabitation outside of marriage, multiple references to British science fiction literature and television, bad study habits, government surveillance, donuts, discharge of firearms on Federal property, spousal abuse, interrogations, even more explicit sex, guys from Eugene, sexual harassment in the workplace, classroom misconduct, sexual misconduct, divine misconduct general misconduct, voyeurism, reckless driving, murder of Federal agents, poor firearms safety habits, misuse of a swimming pool for gladiatorial combat, insanity, immolations, public endangerment, sexual promiscuity, consistent contempt of vampires (screw ‘em, they suck), disorderly conduct, kidnapping of police officers, kidnapping of Federal agents, underage drinking, dismemberment, abuse of authority, still more explicit sex, electrocutions, destruction of private property, escape from Federal custody, barbering without a cosmetology license, World War I, betrayals, slavery, mild dom/sub play, cosplaying, a high school flashback, infidelity, reliable predictions of eternal damnation, destruction of a nice Zoot suit, nutshots, party fouls, littering, domestic violence, lengthy foreplay, abbreviated foreplay, disrespect for authority, falsification of records, prostitution, public indecency, impersonation of police officers, obstruction of justice, biting, clawing, hair-pulling, trash-talking and a general and willful disregard for traditional Western family values.

Technical Difficulties


It's ready to go, but I've hit the dumbest little wrinkle ever.

I loaded up Natural Consequences on Amazon about an hour ago, but I couldn't make the previewer work to double-check it... and so naturally that led me to uploading it and then discovering a small problem an hour later. It's not a huge issue, just a complete blank under the "About the Author" page, but I'd love to fix it before it goes live... and I don't know if I can. Oh, the glories of our global economy.

I can't really complain about Amazon. They made all this possible for me. But sometimes an "improvement" on their end isn't the most convenient thing in the world for me.

While working on that little wrinkle, I uploaded the book to Smashwords just to test it out, and immediately unpublished it (removing it from the site) within a minute... but some lucky bastard out there bought a copy in that tiny window of time!

At any rate, the book is really for reals coming very soon. Thank you all for your support and your patience!

UPDATE: As of 2:40pm PST, I have corrected and uploaded the book. There may still be a single line not quite centered on the copyright page, but I don't think anyone will care. Amazon says the book will be live within 12 hours. I will send out notices and I will upload it to Smashwords when I see it available.