Friday, December 20, 2013

Poor Man's Fight: Sequel In Progress!

Rich Man's War, the sequel to Poor Man's Fight, is now well underway! I don't want to give away too much or distract myself by talking about things I haven't written yet, but I feel like I could at least share some current stats on the rough draft:

Rich Man's War currently stands at 44,081 words. The story thus far includes five deadly stabbings, thirteen fatal shootings, five people killed by grenade, three counts of Death By Gunnery Sergeant Janeka, theft of military equipment, theft of starships, three Purple Hearts (pending review, of course), one premeditated defenestration, rampant breaking & entering, one broken jaw, two catastrophically mangled legs, a destroyed tank, multiple acts of espionage, power struggles, several celebrity photo-ops, Christ's name taken in vain on two different planets, computer hacking, an inappropriate crush, a false flag operation, a planetary invasion, orbital bombardment,  mistreatment of wounded soldiers, poker metaphors, gross vandalism, kidnapping, one "It's Not You, It's Me" speech, a nasty knee injury and the long-awaited vengeance for a lonely, bloody teddy bear.

Happy holidays, everyone!