Friday, November 8, 2013

Regarding "Fake Geek Girls"

You may or may not have heard about this whole "fake geek girls" thing, wherein women and girls who show up to sci-fi/gaming/fandom conventions and who play video games are often derided as being, well, fake. Because, you know, they clearly don't have any geek cred, because they're girls. And us manly nerd types have to staunchly defend our manly nerd space.

So. About that:

I went to see Thor 2 shortly after waking up this morning because my girlfriend decided we should just go, right now, first showing starts in like fifteen minutes and you already showered, right???

As we sat waiting for it to start in the theater, I listened to the conversation between three women sitting off to my right about cosplaying, their current roleplaying game plans, fanfic, Tolkein and various video games.

Currently, I am banished to my study because my I do not have the correct chromosomes to participate in the all-women game of Dungeon World underway in my living room. And one of the participants wrote a tie-in novel from a major fantasy MMORPG that is sitting on my desk.

So... yeah. Tooootally fake geek girls.

(Though to be fair, one of those women sitting near me during Thor 2 had a rrreeeaaalllyyy sketchy English accent. That part might've been fake.)