Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Something for Good Intentions Fans

I don't want anyone thinking that I've forgotten about my other series.

Yeah, I know, its' not a short story or anything, but haven't you always wanted to see what Molly and Onyx look like?

This one was done on commission by scarypet on DeviantArt, whose stuff is gorgeous.

At some point, I think these two really need their own book.


  1. Perfect, I love those two. Definitely interested in a novel focusing on them :)

  2. I'd read that!

    I really like Alex and Co

  3. I want another Alex and co book I've waiting like forever!!!!

  4. Gotta agree with elijah J the good intentions and natural consequences books are two of my all time favorites. Plus there's so much that you've allowed for further story development from the books. Could even see Alex finding himself in a huge house where Onyx and Molly live too, providing a witches touch in home security among other details like FBI work. Would love another book either way.

  5. I have to agree, I would like to see more on the characters from Good Intentions and Natural Consequences. You did an amazing job with those two books, it is hard to believe you would just leave it there.