Thursday, January 15, 2015

Good News, for a Change

Not exactly a serious blog post. Book Three is progressing for Tanner. Not much more to tell on that score right now.

But I feel like this should be shouted out from rooftops:

Christian Science Monitor: In a US first, New Orleans finds homes for all its homeless veterans.

I'm sure the program will have its flaws. I have no doubt that some vets will slip through the cracks. But the fact that this effort is being made and is having genuinely good effects is wonderful.

Like pretty much anyone, I want to see homelessness ended, for everyone, period. Veterans or not. Salt Lake City is apparently doing great things in that regard. But just from the standpoint of having to start somewhere, this is a beautiful thing.

I drive past homeless people all the time in Seattle. Sometimes I give to panhandlers. Sometimes I don't. But it kills me every time. And I know that Seattle isn't exactly doing nothing, but...I'm so glad to see cities making progress. Here's hoping it spreads.


  1. Can we get a hint what the title to Tanner 3 will be ? Chris

    1. Currently, I'm thinking "All Debts Paid," but that's just me kicking an idea around in my head. It does have a note of finality to it, though, which I like.

  2. Replies
    1. Any projection I gave would be a great big fabrication of hope and dreams and blood dripping from a unicorn's horn. (What, you think they don't use those things?) I really, dearly WANT to have the next book out by early summer...but that's pretty much what I said last time, and that took until August. :)

  3. I like dead mans debt as a title. Probably cliche, buy so what? Sue me