Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Casting Call?

In a comment on my last post, Sean asked,

Kind of off topic for this post, but if you could cast both of your series as movies, who would you choose for the main characters? (no budgetary constraints, it's perfectly okay to choose all A-listers) 

...and I'm absolutely interested in hearing what anyone else would have to say!I'll come up with my own answers here tomorrow-ish. But feel free to throw out ideas!


  1. Dev Patel as Tanner Malone. That's the only one I got a clear visual on.

  2. Dean Geyer as Tanner.
    Deborah Ann Wol as Cpt. Kelly.
    Juju Chan as Alicia.
    Jada Pinkett Smith as Janeka.
    Ellen Page as Baldwin.
    Rinko Kikuchi as Admiral Yeoh.
    Barbara Mori as Vanessa Rios.

  3. Lorelei - Mila Kunis
    Rachel - Emma Watson (playing wonderfully against type)
    Diana - Lizzy Kaplan (does crazy better than anyone)

    The rest of the cast is pretty tough, because they're so young.
    Alex - Logan Lerman
    Drew - Arjay Smith
    Wade - Kellan Lutz (a little too old, but looks the part)
    Jason - Anton Yelchin
    Taylor - Emma Stone
    Molly - Natalie Dormer
    Onyx - Olivia Thirlby

    As for Poor Man/Rich Man, I don't have many clear impressions, since it's less of an ensemble series.
    Tanner - Liam Hemsworth
    Janeka - Zoe Saldana
    Casey - James Spader
    Andrea - Naomi Watts

  4. Spader as Casey is brilliant. I was thinking DiCaprio but after Black List, hmm.

    I had Stellan Skarsgard in my head as the president.
    Chief Everett- Edward Norton
    Allison-Jennifer Lawrence
    Janeka-Jada Smith
    Tanner Alex Pettyfer
    Andrea-Holly Marie Combs
    Capt. Kelly- Gina Ramsden

  5. Angels/Demons/Alex:

    Rachel - A younger (mid-20s) Rachel Nichols
    Alex - Grant Gunston

    Poor Man/Rich Man:

    Tanner - Logan Lerman
    Alicia - An early-20s Julia Nickson
    Janeka - Viola Davis
    Casey - Tom Wilkinson (though James Spader is a brilliant idea)
    Andrea - Elizabeth Banks
    Kelly - A younger (late-20s) Amy Adams or Rachel Nichols