Wednesday, October 1, 2014


This post has been a long time coming. Sorry for anyone who was waiting to hear these details. Partly, I’ve been easily distracted lately, and in part I also just haven’t been quite sure how to compose it.

As noted earlier, I’m donating everything I made off of Poor Man’s Fight from 7/22/14 – 8/31/14 to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. Again, that’s not an endorsement from them or anything; it’s just something I’ve decided to do to support their cause.

Sales of PMF for that time period juuuust cracked over 4,900 copies. After the vendors’ cut of the royalties and after withholding for Federal taxes (I’m just gonna go ahead and eat the state taxes), this comes to $6667.57 – which I’m gonna go ahead and round up to a full $7,000!

I’m not giving them the money just yet, ‘cause in the immortal words of Han Solo, “I don’t have the money WITH me…” Those payments should roll in at the end of October, though, and at that point I’ll happily post a picture of the check (or a screenshot or whatever) of the donation, along with a follow-up of whatever documentation I get from the IAVA.

As an aside, if anyone really wants the boring nuts and bolts accounting of these numbers, just let me know and I’ll be happy to provide it. I’ll admit that the data I see from my vendors like Amazon can be a little difficult to follow, which is why I’m rounding up on my donation rather than sticking to the specific numbers that arrived. I’d rather overshoot than get all miserly over a good cause.

In other news, paperback copies of Rich Man’s War should be available really soon. I already have a physical proof on the way. I’m thrilled with the reception that book has enjoyed. Thank you again to everyone who left a review or who recommended the book to friends. All of things matter a great deal and help keep me going!

Currently, I’m working up a character continuity database for PMF & RMW, just to make sure I don’t have any awkward moments of “Wait, isn’t he dead?” in the next novel. I just finished the PMF portion of that, with RMW left to go.

From there, my *plan* is to continue on to the next book for Tanner. I say that because there’s always a chance I’ll get something else done first – I’m toying with the idea of a collection of short stories for the Good Intentions crowd, but many of those are already written or partially-finished. Tanner holds top priority, but I haven’t forgotten about Alex & Co. They’ll get another book some day!


  1. Sweet universe, an update. Nice to hear from you again, and amazed at the amount PMF got together over the two months.
    It's daytime, and I'm not good with words at daytime (crazy, isn't it?), so I'm just gonna say that I will be buying RMW when it comes out in Paperback, just like every other book so far - which makes me wonder, how is NC coming along?
    Well, at any rate, it's good to hear from you again and to hear you are thinking about Alex and friends. And I'll look forward to the third book in your space opera series (have you considered giving it an overarching name like "The Tanner Malone Stories" or something equally epic if silly sounding?).

  2. hi I'm very interested in reading the space opera series I wanted to know if there was a romantic interest or female lead character in the series

    1. Kenneth, the lead in PMF/RMW is a young man, but the series includes a *lot* of women with prominent roles (particularly in RMW). There are no damsels in distress. I consider inclusion to be one of my priorities as a writer. Plus, the series is set in the future, and I think anyone who doesn't believe that we're moving closer and closer to real equality is crazy.

      As for romantic interests -- they're around and they're very much on the protagonist's mind, but he's not really in a place in his life where he can do much to pursue such things. :)

  3. Tanner needs to channel his inner Alex with Captain Kelly asap.