Monday, February 18, 2013

Progress, Diligence, Word Counts and Angels with Tourrette's

I try to make sure I write every day. At a minimum, I try to make sure I crank out 1000 words every day during the week (I have a day job, after all), and on a day off (during the week) I feel that 3000 words is a responsible goal.

There are limitations to this, of course. I don't often hold myself to the 3000 word goal on my weekends unless I've got nothing at all going on. Sometimes my work day sucks and I know my mind is blown and I haven't the energy to write. I live with my girlfriend and our cat, and both housemates need varying amounts of attention, time and energy from day to day. They deserve as much as I have to give, of course, so when one of them is in need, the writing comes secondary.

I've got a relatively busy social life, too. I'm an adult gamer geek, as are the vast majority of our friends. I should note: nobody lives in their mom's basement, nobody has comically low social skills, they've pretty much all got real jobs (or understandable short-term unemployment; turns out the economy still kinda sucks). The gamer stereotypes so cherished by ignorant television executives simply don't really apply anymore. Anyway, all that means I have plenty to do besides write.

But I need to write. I want to write. The stories, they kinda have to get out.

I have found that my measurable productivity has slowed over time. I'm pretty sure that's because I'm more thoughtful about my work. I want to make sure I'm happy to put my name to something now that I have a few successes under my belt.

So, yeah, a thousand words a day/evening is a good goal.

But I gotta say, for all you Good Intentions fans: the moment Rachel steps into a scene, the word count just kinda explodes. And it's not even all expletives.


  1. You seem to have a lively following going on here. Poor Man's fight was suggested to me by Amazon and it is brilliant. I would like to suggest you figure out a way to get it published or see if you can get finagle your way into having a shot at
    I think you did an amazing job here and people should take notice. If you keep selling at the pace you seem to be someone might give you more money to write. And that's good for all your fans.

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