Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Warning to All

I write this off the top of my head, mostly to get my blog rolling and to experiment with blogspot. Regardless, if this warning remains, all should pay heed.

All should read this in their heads in the most melodramatic tones possible. I recommend imagining Brian Blessed. Ahem:

Not all that I post on this blog will be fit for all readers.

Much of what passes here will be, as they say in the series of tubes that makes up the internet, Not Safe for Work. It will not be suitable for minors. It may even offend adults.

I cannot, however, promise that ALL will be so naughty. In fact, I can promise that by the standards of many, some of what is shared on this blog may seem quite tame.

Sometimes there will be tales of violence. Sometimes there will be not a single face punched.

Sometimes there will be erotica. Sometimes there will be straight-up smut. I leave it to the reader to decide which is which, as we've all got our standards.

Sometimes what is discussed here will have nothing to do with erotica at all.

Sometimes my writing will be comedic. Sometimes it will not. Sometimes I will think I'm funny when I'm not, and vice versa, and those times are always tragic.

So Be Warned, good reader: here lies a writer with diverse interests, who cannot promise to hold to any one specific genre or level of propriety... and I hope you keep reading.

1 comment:

  1. Bah... If that was your best bet to spook me away you failed. Horribly.
    I'm gonna stay. For a loooong time. And keep reading. ;-)